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The ULF-1 single seat foot-launched sailplane was designed by Dieter Reich and constructed by Heiner Neumann of Germany. Designed for ridge soaring and marginal thermal currents (microlift), it has full three-axis aerodynamic control. Its first flight was in November 1977; since that time more than 40 aircraft have been built from plans and flown, accumulating hundreds of hours of soaring flight time. The longest flight lasted six hours; the maximum distance achieved is 140 km.

The ULF-1 is one of the best-performing foot-launched aircraft to date, as well as one of the safest designs available to the self-builder. The design received a German airworthiness certificate in 1980, and has also been approved by Australian authorities. The basic construction materials are spruce, birch plywood and balsa. The airframe is covered with doped fabric. For hinges, fasteners and fittings, aluminium, steel sheet and fibreglass/resin are used. Steel tubes are employed only for the control stick, control parts in the cockpit area and rudder drive.

For more information about the ULF-1 and its construction plans, please visit the main EEL web site:

http://www.eel.de (site appears to be down)


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